Momenta Launches

Flywheel L4 To Redefine

The Approach To

Autonomous Driving

Always true to the

initial mission, as

Momenta refreshes

its brand image



Momenta is building the “brain” for autonomous vehicles. Our deep-learning based software in perception, HD Map, and data-driven path planning enables the realization of full autonomy. Our products include muti-level autonomous driving solutions and big data service.

Momenta pursues a two-leg strategy of autonomous driving for mass-production passenger vehicles (Mpilot) and full autonomy (MSD) for mobility service vehicles. Data, data-driven algorithms, and closed-loop automation between Mpilot and MSD are the key to achieving autonomous driving at scale.


We build three platforms - big data, big computation, and model optimization platform, as the foundations of our deep-learning based algorithms. The perception, HD Map and path planning enable autonomous driving for both mass-production passenger vehicles (Mpilot) and full autonomy (MSD) for mobility service vehicles.

our Product

Momenta is building the “brain” for autonomous driving. As software partner, we provide OEMs and Tier1s with safe, reliable and mass production-ready software of multi-level autonomy for different driving scenarios.

MSD Flywheel L4

As mass production data, data-driven algorithm and closed loop automation accumulate and iterate, the Flywheel will pick up speed and enter a period of explosive commercial growth.

Mpilot Highway

Mpilot Highway

Mpilot Highway, integrated with HD Map, is a world-leading autonomous driving software solution created to provide the best possible driving experience, save driving time and improve safety on road.

Mpilot Parking

Mpilot Parking

Mpilot Parking provides enjoyable intelligent valet parking experience via superior surround view perception, high precision in-door mapping and localization technologies.

Mpilot ICP (In-Cabin Camera Perception)

Mpilot ICP (In-Cabin Camera Perception)

Mpilot ICP (In-Cabin Camera Perception) is a deep learning based high-performance and automotive-grade perception software for interior vehicle environments. The Driver Monitoring System offers better driver safety for autonomous driving. The Occupancy Monitoring System extends HMI experience to more occupants in cabin.


AutoRing is a fleet safety management solution integrating hardware devices, cloud platform and operation management system. The solution aims to save one million lives in 10 years via improved fleet safety level. High-performance AI-driven devices collect and upload real-time warning data to the cloud for big data analysis to identify dangerous actions. Through our big data feedback, the operating management system provides guidance to correct driver behaviors and improves the overall safety level of fleets.

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